why I buy the fab fit fun box
why I buy the fab fit fun box
Fab Fit Fun Seasonal Box

Why I Buy The Fab Fit Fun Box

Why I actually keep buying it…
Ok lets talk about why I buy the Fab Fit Fun Box. I treat it as a special treat to myself 4 times a year. I am a Canadian, so I was a little hesitant on whether or not to order it since it comes out to around 80-ish dollars after conversion and shipping per box.
But let me tell you guys, I have been loving the products I am getting. The price of adding two or three of the products is equal to or surpasses the amount you spend on the whole box!…

7 life changing ways to being more present

xx, Karla…

These pictures are of me on the other side, on the other side of infertility with my rainbow baby. On the side I wished for, ached for, and prayed for, for so many years. Mother’s Day was always a hard day for me, a lot of the emotions that surrounded Mother’s Day are quietly erupting and catching me off guard with the impending holiday around the corner.
To preface, my goal is to be honest and raw about certain topics that many individuals may feel uncomfortable talking about….

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Ok it’s time to talk all about beauty (yay!) I am going to share the top 15 and best selling items I recommend to shop for during the Sephora VIB Sale! As you may know I am a beauty junkie, as in I looove to buy all things makeup and skin care. Over the years I have tried way too many products and have spent way too much on them (Hubby can attest to that-haha). So lets just say you can trust my opinion when it comes to comparing different beauty items….

Honouring the girl who dared to dream

Why I Started a Blog

I think writing a little bit about myself and why I started a blog is fitting for my first post. I am married to my high school sweetheart, whom I adore, and I am a mama to two beautiful babes: Layla and Benjamin who are exactly two years and 3 days apart (yeah I know). I completed my undergraduate degree in Psychology and Health Studies as well as my Masters of Teaching at the University of Toronto in my mid twenties….

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