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7 Life Changing Ways to Being More Present

7 life changing ways to being more present


I struggle a ton… especially when it comes to being present in my life.

I struggle in a lot of areas of my life, but honestly, I feel that everyone does. As much as you may think someone has it all together, trust me, there are areas in that person’s life that are a real struggle for them. So please don’t feel alone or less than<3

No one is perfect. Please remember that.



Don’t let the pretty pictures fool you.

I want to be open and honest and let you know that I have been quiet on my blog and social media because I am currently struggling with the need to be perfect among other things. Which leaves me in a constant struggle with comparing myself to others who I think “have it all together.”


It may seem like everything is clean, tidy, that they never lose it as a mom or yell, or have bad days. But the reality is that everyone struggles with something. What I have come to realize over the last few months is that if I keep this mental state up nothing will get done, my life will never improve, and I won’t grow.


You may or may not have experienced something like this in the past, maybe you find yourself in this state right now. Maybe that feeling of never measuring up and overwhelm that leaves you paralyzed is dominating your life.

When we are worried about things we can’t control, we can’t be present in our lives,
and therefore, we can’t enjoy our lives.

Being present is hard work, especially is you are a busy woman with a million responsibilities and worries. Ok forget being a mom, as a woman in general we have so much on our plates.

So focusing our energy on “being present” is of utmost importance.

So… to help a sister out, I want to share with you some ways to help you shift your mindset and get out of this not so nice state. Aaand Help myself at the same time (insert wink) 

Working on becoming present with these steps have been helping me out a lot,
so I want to share them with you.


7  ways to become more present in your life:


1. Ditch the Tech

When you are sharing time with those that are most important to you, ditch the tech. Put you phone down when engaging in human interaction. Especially, when you are with your children or partner. Take this time to make meaningful connections.


2. Meditation

Practice Meditation for at least 5 min a day. Nothing like j resting your mind to bring you back to reality. My favourite Apps are the Breath Think app (click here) and Headspace (click here)…Life changing


3. Attitude of Gratitude

Practice gratitude: write three things you are grateful for, both in the morning and at night.
Have a little journal on your night table. You will be amazed at what this does to your brain. Like Rachel Hollis suggests, if you have to list things to be grateful for, you’ll be force to spend your day looking for blessings rather than the faults in your life.


4. Do something that brings you Joy

Dedicate at least 45 min to doing something that only you benefit from…hobby, exercise, reading, long shower with a hair mask etc. Even if it means you veg out watching an episode of your favourite show. Best way to decide on what to do is to ask yourself, what brings you joy?


5. Monitor your Thoughts

Become mindful of your thoughts and question any annoying ones. Example, I am not a good mom… really? you aren’t? Your babes are fed, clean, and snuggled and alive…you are a great mom. Case Closed.


6. Focus on The now

Focus on what is happening now, don’t think about what you should or could have done
and don’t worry about tomorrow. 
Just get to the stuff that needs the most attention now and move forward from there.


7. Practice Smiling

Finally…smile. I know it sounds like a ridiculous way to be present but I have been practicing smiling more and it has impacted the way I feel. You see when you smile, it sends messages to your brain, telling it that something happy or positive is happening so it changes your mood immediately. So its a win win for everyone haha














These are just some ways to be more present in your life.

They seem super mundane and simple but they are hard to do. I am currently on this journey of being more mindful and present and these simple step have helped me be more, well, here. They have allowed me to feel happier. You don’t have to do all of them every single day, start with one then two then three…

What’s important, is how and when you show up in your life.

By making it a point to change, you are being more present and mindful of your life, therefore you are showing up as a better you.


To help you kick start your journey, below is a free little poster you can print and put up on your bathroom mirror, vision board, agenda, or save onto your phone as a daily reminder to bring out your whole self to the present<3


Download your guide here

7 steps to becoming more Present in life | printable

xx, Karla
  1. Shantel Wrote:

    I’m not a mom but I still struggle with this. Especially being an entrepreneur but I’m trying my best to practice mindfulness more and live in the moment. Good post !

  2. Kathy Walker Wrote:

    sometimes with all that goes on in a day it’s hard to be present, these tips are great, thank you.