Fab Fit Fun Seasonal Box

Why I Buy The Fab Fit Fun Box

why I buy the fab fit fun box

Why I actually keep buying it…

Ok lets talk about why I buy the Fab Fit Fun Box. I treat it as a special treat to myself 4 times a year. I am a Canadian, so I was a little hesitant on whether or not to order it since it comes out to around 80-ish dollars after conversion and shipping per box.

But let me tell you guys, I have been loving the products I am getting. The price of adding two or three of the products is equal to or surpasses the amount you spend on the whole box!

And ladies, the products in the Fab Fit Fun box are no joke, they are full size products.

Let me repeat Full. Size. Products.


why I buy the fab fit fun box


You Can Customize it!

You are able to take a style survey/quiz that determines your interests and style. This way your box is personalized. You are also able to customize some of the products you will receive. So you basically know exactly what you will get! This way you can decide if you’ll go for the current season’s box or wait till next one.

This post is in no way sponsored, but I’ve been getting a lot of messages asking if I recommend to purchase the Fab Fit Fun box or not.

So far… I say why not? To give you an inside look,

I am sharing what I got in my Summer box.


why I buy the fab fit fun box

why I buy the fab fit fun box


why I buy the fab fit fun box

why I buy the fab fit fun box


Products in this Box

1. Spiritual Gangster Maya Kimono – A cute summery kimono that I have been able to wear  dressed up and down

2. 111Skin Rose Gold Brightening Facial Treatment Mask (Set of 5) (value of $160) – This is a 24-karat gold and damask rose extract to brighten, soothe, and hydrate your skin. And I am here for it !

3. Jennifer Zeuner Star Double Necklace – (value of $50.00) This necklace is pretty, but to be honest, this is the only product I would not have bought myself. The gold was a bit offer my preference and seemed a bit cheap. 

4.Eyeko London Eye Do Black Liquid Eyeliner (value of $22.00) – Apparently this liner promotes lash growth  because it contains WIDELASH™  ! It is a smooth application and long lasting. I actually love it, so a win for sure.

5. Intelligent Nutrients Refining Micro Polish (value of $57.00) – this formula is plant based and biodegradable. It’s a very nice exfoliator. My face feels smooth and fresh.

6. Invisibobble® Original Duo Pack (value of $16.00) – need I say more, I absolutely love these hair ties ! they dont damage my hair and are great fro messy buns!

7. Generation Clay™ Ultra Violet Brightening Clay Mask (Value of $39.00) This hydrating desert lime, cleansing betonite clay mask is ahamazing! It is so rejuvenating, I feel like it de-puffs my skin and leaves it nice and bright.

8. Whish Exfoliating Foot Mask (Value of $32.00) – ok I totally gave this away as a gift because it was so nice. cruelty and nasty chemical free!

9. Grace & Stella Rose Facial Spray (Value of $25.95) – this one is my favourite. Such a lovely spray for before or after makeup. 


So why not?

I honestly, find myself loving each and every box I’ve received. In my opinion, I found some boxes are better than others, but that’s why I like that you can see what you are getting beforehand. It allows you to make a conscious and informed decision on whether you want to invest in this season’s box or not.

This Summer box is sold out, but you can now get the Fall Box! I am so excited to get mine and I will be reviewing it once I receive it 🙂

If this is something you are thinking of buying  Click here To get $10 off your first box.

Hope this was helpful <3

xx, Karla
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